Mapleseed Crafts

Handcrafted glass art

Uncommon Worlds
Uncommon Worlds, a family of marbles - these gas giant inspired marbles capture a sense of mystery and adventure. Using timeless colors and metallic reduction, these miniature planets will invite you to explore their wonders, whether to ponder their swirling storms or to imagine what lands and beings might live beneath their cloud layers. Like many uncommon objects, some of these worlds have been lost to the mists of time. Their stories remain.
Sea Life
Seashells of infinite variety and color. The shells you find on the beach are beautiful, but the shells you find in dreams surpass these in their color, form, and ability to captivate the imagination. Let these shells sing you stories.
Seasonal items that draw from the natural world, but perhaps expand upon its creativity. Spring brings brilliant birds and butterflies. Autumn sees the harvest, with pumpkins of fantastical colors and playful acorns. Winter ushers in a village of snow people and ornaments to brighten the darkest rooms.
Art Marbles
Orbs, marbles, gazing balls. These contain worlds, possibly even universes, or maybe just a tiny garden. Glass of different colors swirls, sparkles, and captures moments of magic as these orbs are birthed in their fiery creation. Be careful as you look into their depths, as you may not emerge the same person, if at all.
A little something, to hold another something. Flowers are beautiful on their own, but of course they need a container just as beautiful to support them. And feed them. That is what the tendrils are for.
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